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Self-Help Suggestions

Things to do Between Massage Appointments

While massages are definitely one of the best ways to help with stress and sore muscles, relying on regular massage appointments alone isn’t everything you can do to help deal with the aches and pains of everyday life. Below are a few tips from our massage therapists that can help to prolong and enhance the effects of your massage and help keep you feeling relaxed and comfortable until your next appointment with us.

Tip 1

A helpful habit is stretching between massages to maintain joint mobility, prevent muscles from tightening up again, and keeping the life energy flowing. This may mean doing yoga or whatever specific or full-body stretches suggested by your practitioner. After a shiatsu session, for example, your practitioner may recommend “makko-ho” stretches, a series of six exercises designed to keep energy circulating.

Working out can also help maintain the benefits of massage, and this habit should be continually cultivated. However, if you’re receiving massage therapy to help speed muscle strain recovery, you may need to ease up on the exercise for a while and give the body time to heal — particularly if you’re recovering from a strenuous body-pummeling training regimen.

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